“I made an appointment initially for a “one -time Physical “ because I needed a physical for work quickly and my former PCP couldnt’t get me in soon enough . I was so impressed by the office and Dr Pai. The office was one of the most beautiful doctors office that I had seen. Dr Pai was extremely personable and knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with me . I ended up joining the membership that day and that has proven to be invaluable during the last month of COVID isolation . I have been able to get questions answered quickly by her via a text and have had medications refilled just as easily. I have since then recomended the practice and DR Pai to several friends .”

“DR. Pai-Verma is in my mind the best at her practice. She is a primary care physician who’s provided myself and my wife the upmost care, concern, and expertise in her practice. I also greatly admire her for her resourcefulness in helping clarify any health, medical, and general questions I may have had at any given point during my visits to her office. Her staff is also incredibly astute and a cannot garner many adjectives to describe their excellence in service. Dr. Pai-Verma is the upmost example Rush University Medical Center can exude in first-class professionalism.”

“I am writing on behalf of Dr Pai who has been my primary care physician for many years now. What I appreciate most about Dr Pai is her astute clinical skill and support, patience and genuine interest in addressing my medical needs, and the sense that she is very much emotionally present during our appointments. She has listened over the years with curiosity and sensitivity, respectfully integrating my own perspective and opinions regarding my overall well-being while speaking with knowledge and confidence around her own clinical understanding and recommendations. She has helped create a relationship more akin to that of a private family doctor visiting me in the comfort of my own home. I am thrilled that she is continuing her practice in this new setting and believe it suits her way of relating to patients more personally.”

“Receiving care from Dr. Shaila Pai-Verma is truly life changing. She is my biggest advocate during the most difficult times in my life; she believes in you and will fight with you for your health. I never had a doctor who has helped me this much and I am eternally grateful that she is my doctor.”

“I was under Dr. Pai’s care for a few years and she was just wonderful. Very caring and always willing to listen to any questions or concerns regarding my health. For me it’s important to have a doctor that makes you feel at ease, as I’m sure that could apply to anyone. I was lucky enough to have found that in Dr. Pai. I felt so strongly about the care I received, I even referred several family members and friends to her. I know for a fact they would agree with me in saying how wonderful she truly is. My life has changed for the best after being under her care. I’m forever grateful!”

“I love Dr. Verma. I always feel she will take the very best care of me.”

“Dr. Pai Verma and Nurse Rose went above and beyond what could have been expected from a care team. When my baby turned three months old, I experienced intense postpartum anxiety followed by postpartum depression. They responded compassionately and with immediate medical intervention. I’ll never forget the time with Dr. Pai Verma called me on a day when she was not in the office to check in on me during the initial few days after intervention. Rose also made sure that I was able to access her immediately should the need arise. While I encountered them in a large medical hospital, the care I received was beyond personal and more than anything that I could have expected. While I look back at these days as some of the most horrific in my life, my care team will always be part of the silver lining. I did not have to suffer in silence alone as many women do; I was given the best care possible and my postpartum was treated quickly so that I could go back to enjoying the early months with my daughter. ”

“As a seasoned and well travelled professional my path in life has crossed numerous primary care physicians. Dr Shaila Pai Verma has consistently provided genuine, authentic and timely care for me for the past several years. She does not hesitate to refer me to other top-notch specialists after reviewing any questionable test results who in turn “go the extra mile”. I am honored to recommend her to anyone who is fed up with corporate, insurance-driven health care to Dr Shaila Pai Varma! It is rare in our society today to find a health care provider who genuinely cares! She and her staff are exceptional!”

“Rose and Dr. Pai Verma are AMAZING.”

“Dr. Pai has been the best doctor I have had along with the medical team she works with.
I have been a patient of hers for 18 years, I started with them when they were at a suburban hospital and then transferred all my records to Rush Hospital 10 yrs ago to continue my care with her.
She is the type of doctor no matter how busy her schedule may be, she will take the time to hear you out and go over your medical problems.
I was very pleased with my experience, I appreciated their follow-up and willingness to answer any questions.”

“Dr. Pai Verma went above and beyond to help me during an acute illness. I really appreciate her commitment to my care and her kindness.”

“I couldn’t be happier with Dr Pai and her staff. Dr Pai is the most caring Dr and she is wonderful. Her nurse goes above and beyond top make sure that we have everything we need. Dr pai literally saved my life she is always there to answer any questions that i may have . I feel blessed to have her as my doctor.”

“Dr Pai has been my primary care DR for 14 years. She is a excellent physician in every way-knowledgeable ,caring good listener, good doctor.”

“I was seeing Dr Pai-verma for a presurgical physical for a spine surgeon at rush. She was excellent and rose on her staff reinforced the excellent quality of care. She helped me reduce my anxiety related to the surgery and that made a tough time better for me and I thank them for caring.”

“I was referred to Dr. Shaila Pai-Verma 11 years ago. When I first met, Dr. Pai-Verma, from day one, she was extremely welcoming, nice, kind-hearted, but most of all made me feel as if we had known each other for years. Dr. Pai-Verma made it easy to talk to her and get my medical concerns resolved. She takes the time to listen to you, and you never feel rushed. I trust her judgement when she recommends me to see other physicians. Her medical knowledge and personal care makes an office visit pleasant.”

“Dr. Pai-Verma and Rose, you two are as good as they come!! You are professional and personable which is greatly appreciated. I, for one, thank you both for always being so caring and compassionate. You are family!!