There are times when you are unable physically get to the office for an appointment. When you are sick, traveling or just busy with other things in life, telemedicine offers the opportunity to connect directly with Dr. Pai-Verma via the Atlas MD application. In many cases, your issues can be addressed from the comfort of your home or office. This is especially useful during the current COVID-19 crisis, as evidence continues to show that social distancing is critical in flattening the curve of the pandemic and preventing overload of our hospital systems. Whether you are a member or non-member, we have an appointment option for you. Do not let travel burdens prevent you for getting the care you need and deserve.

Member Option

Members enjoy unlimited visits as needed via telemedicine for acute care issues and/or follow up care. Once a year full physical requires in office visit for a complete evaluation and strategic planning to accomplish your health care goals. Telemedicine visits can be scheduled via email or phone. There is no extra charge associated with this service for members.

Non-member Option


Non-members can schedule a single tele-visit for an acute care visit. Acute issues will be addressed and triaged via electronic portal and management recommendations provided. In some cases, depending on the severity of your clinical problem, Dr. Pai-Verma may refer you for an urgent care visit or emergency room evaluation.