Individual Services

One-Time Full Physical


In need of a full physical and health evaluation, come in for a one-time visit. Dr. Pai Verma will perform a complete history, physical exam and health assessment. If you elect to join ideal Health as a member, the cost will be applied to your annual membership. You do not need to join membership to take advantage of this however visits are by appointment only and based on availability. New Offering: We offer the GRAIL’s multi-cancer early detection test. This test is not covered by insurances and an additional charge of $1,000 applies.

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Acute Care Visit


(In person or Tele-Visit)

  • Not Feeling well? Come in( or schedule a tele-visit )for a Problem focused visit.
  • See the doctor on time and get on your way to feeling well again .
  • Labs can be drawn if needed ( for in office visits )at the office and billed to your insurance (labs not included in the fees).
  • Visits are by appointments only and are based on availability.

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Longevity Physical


Includes a hour visit and a full  physical as well as an evaluation of risk factors for chronic health conditions such as stroke, neurologic conditions, cardiovascular health and cancer screening. Get evaluated for metabolic syndrome and discuss ways to reverse it. Discuss important issues like sleep, cognition, vitamins, diet and exercise. Talk about weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices and get a referral to a nutritionist if applicable.

  • Visits are by appointments only and based on availability.
  • Members will enjoy discounted packages for acupuncture referral
  • GRAIL’s multi-cancer early detection test (Not covered by insurances and an additional charge of $1,000 applies.)

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